High Mast lighting poles

High Mast lighting is a tall tapered polygonal steel pole with lighting fixtures attached to the top aiming towards the ground and often used at places requiring lighting over a large area. Maintenance of these systems done by using an electric motor winch system which usually available integrated inside the mast to lowering the luminaries lantern carriage from the top to the base of mast to allow for easier access without disrupting traffic.

We are the reputed high mast lighting poles manufacturer in Vietnam recognized under Litec®logo Litec trademark and brand Hapulico Industry.

High Mast lighting poles

Litec's photo: A high mast lighting pole - model NH-GLOBAL

Scope & Purpose of use High Mast lighting poles

Outdoor area lighting as Squares, Airports, Seaports, Harbour, Station Yards, Highway, Toll Gate, Sport Playground, Shopping Area, Amusement Park…

Advantages of the high mast illumination solution

Minimize the number of light poles be installed, save space occupied, save initial investment costs.

High illumination performance, high uniform illuminance, good visual and observance.

Advantages of self movable lantern carriage device move up and lowering

High economic efficiency, maximum save the cost of operating and maintenance.

Self service, no need crane equipment or other support services to periodic testing and maintenance lamps.

Not required have to close the traffic road during time checking or maintenance the lighting fixtures.

Outstanding features in High Mast Lighting Poles of Hapulico Industry JSC

Design the structure of high mast poles supported by pro analytics calculation software of USA.

Multi of types and designs, suitable for multi demand, easy choosing reasonable products for each specific purpose of use.

Fixed head assembly on top mast designed in a star arms block, this structure easy to add more pulley for multi purpose of use and allows customized for Mast-Head decoration and mounting types of lightning rods.

Movable lantern carriage has three smart steel latches automatic latched of lantern carriage at the top of poles to make sure safety, this safe latches system designed to acting guaranteed absolutely stable reliable.

Available an electric winch system lift capacity 1.100 kg integrated inside mast, winch is worm gear structure fully self-braking, other parts such as drum, case and transition disk in hop-dip galvanized steel.

High Mast structure modularization design, very convenient to pack, transport, assembly, operating and maintenance.

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